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Conference Announcement
S.T.O.P. announces its 2003 National Victims and Advocates’ Conference on Stopping Foodborne Disease, July 25-27th, 2003. All are welcome at this first-ever event where concerned individuals, victims and health professionals will share information and learn how to take action! The event is scheduled to coincide with the 10th anniversary of S.T.O.P. Read more…

USDA Announces New Interim Listeria Regulations
On June 6, USDA announced new regulations to control Listeria monocytogenes in meat products. S.T.O.P. praises USDA for finally putting into place long-planned improvements, and is especially thankful that under the new regulations companies will be required to disclose positive listeria test results to the USDA. But we are concerned that the interim measures don’t go far enough, give companies too much latitude, and won’t require labeling of ready-to-eat meat products with health warnings for pregnant women, elderly people, and other at risk populations. Read about the regulations…

Californians Take Note!
California’s Safe Shellfish Rule is in danger! California recently banned the sale of untreated raw Gulf Coast oysters because of a higher-than-normal incidence of contamination with Vibrio vulnificus, an extraordinarily deadly disease. (Gulf oysters which have been treated to destroy vibrio are still saleable in California.) But the industry is working hard to overturn the regulation by pressuring policymakers into holding a public hearing on June 11th in Sacramento! The governor, state officials, legislators and the FDA commissioner all need to hear from S.T.O.P. members that oysters safeguards should remain intact. To get involved, write your state officials or contact S.T.O.P.

Groundbreaking Report on the State of Foodborne Disease
S.T.O.P.’s groundbreaking 2003 report, “Why Are People Still Dying From Contaminated Food?” is available online by clicking here. To order a print copy, send $14.95 to S.T.O.P., PO Box 4352, Burlington, VT 05406 or call 802 863-0555.

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